Arnaud Quevedo& Friends

Arnaud Quevedo & Friends
Arnaud Quevedo & Friends (AQ&F), 2ND Life

2ND Life

You, welcome back to our little world, again, be ready
You will have to really ask yourself what you've done, what you want

Awake, Open your eyes, See, Feel
Fall, Bleed, Cry, Rise , *Live* (2&3)

Be ready for the inner battle, the evil within
Let go of all the stupid advices that you will always get
Watch and try to learn from what you see and what you feel right
Don't let bad people darken your heart, get away from them

Everything you see's looking so sad that you ponder
But if you're looking the other side maybe it will be different
Watch and try to find something you can rely on
Focus on what you think is worthy of your attention

Arnaud Quevedo & Friends
© 2023
© 2023